The Forest of Yodogawa is a Must-Visit for Beautiful Autumn Leaves!

Yakushima has no deciduous broad-leaved forests, so you won’t see the vibrant red autumn leaves common elsewhere.

However, the forest around Yodogawa offers a unique trekking course with rare autumn foliage you shouldn’t miss.

The Best Time to See Autumn Leaves is Early to Mid-November

The autumn leaves of trees like Himeshara, Acer sieboldianum, and Nanakamado are stunning. The best time to visit is from early to mid-November.

Don’t Forget Your Winter Gear!

By November, Yakushima becomes quite cold. When trekking the forest around Yodogawa, you’ll be walking at an altitude close to 1,300 meters, where it can get as cold as 5°C on chilly days. Bring a light-down jacket or fleece. Also, prepare a packed lunch, rain gear, and other warm clothing.

“Morning Sunlight Piercing Through the Forest!”

Walk while taking deep breaths of the fresh morning forest air.

Over a thousand years old, branches of Yakucedar are covered with thick moss, creating an ideal habitat for other plants.

Encounter the Giant Unnamed Yakucedar

The unnamed Yakucedar. This giant tree is over 2,000 years old.

While it typically takes about an hour from the Yodogawa trailhead to Yodogawa, you’ll find many rare plants and mosses. Take your time to observe them closely. Walking with a certified Yakushima guide will deepen your understanding of the forest.

The climbing hydrangea growing on the giant Tsuga trees is also beautifully colored in autumn. It looks as if it’s wearing a collar.

The autumn leaves of the Acer sieboldianum are also striking.

Walk Through a Forest in a World Natural Heritage Area

Trek through ancient coniferous forests that have remained unchanged for millennia.

“The Roots are Amazing!”

Yakushima is an island of granite boulders with very rugged terrain and frequent rainfall. This leads to highly eroded soil where roots spread along the ground. Be careful of roots on downhill paths, especially on rainy days.

Trek Through the Ancient Coniferous Forest

Walk through ancient coniferous forests featuring Yakusugi, fir, and Tsuga, which have existed since ancient times. You’ll feel humbled by the enormity of these trees.

Enjoying Your Lunch in the Forest is Unparalleled!

There’s nothing like enjoying your lunch while listening to the gentle murmur of the Yodogawa in the serene forest!

Please also refer to other seasons as well.

(Reference: Best Seasons to visit Yakushima island in Japan)