Yakushima’s off-season spans from December to February. While it’s a popular destination from spring to summer, did you know winter also offers plenty to enjoy? Here are seven unique winter charms of Yakushima.

Beautiful Winter Blooms: Cherry blossoms and Plums

In late January, plum blossoms start blooming in settlements, accompanied by numerous Japanese white-eyes heralding the arrival of spring.

Around 600 meters in elevation, mountains like Shiratani Unsuikyo see the blooming of Coptis ramosa flowers from late January. Yakushima’s native flowers boast adorable yellow petals.

Early February marks the bloom of cherry blossoms such as Somei Yoshino and Oshima cherry, with mountain cherries following in March, signaling spring’s total arrival in Yakushima.

Exclusive Winter Scenery: Spectacular Views

At elevations around 1700 meters and higher, Yakushima’s mountains are blanketed with 2 to 3 meters of snow. Meanwhile, the coastal areas in settlements enjoy a subtropical climate, where hibiscus and bougainvillea bloom vibrantly even in winter. Yakushima’s charm lies in the variety of plants ranging from subtropical to cool temperate zones.

Admiring snow-capped mountains while gazing at hibiscus is a unique winter attraction in Yakushima. These snow-covered peaks, known as Nagata-dake, are the second highest in Kyushu and offer breathtaking vistas for winter visitors.

Lush Evergreen Forests Even in Midwinter

The broad-leaved forests on Yakushima’s western side remain lush green throughout midwinter. Designated as a World Heritage site, this area offers delightful walks on warm days and opportunities to observe wild Yakushima monkeys and deer.

Comfortable Trekking in Mild Winter Conditions

Enjoying comfortable trekking conditions without extreme cold is another winter highlight in Yakushima.

Serene Forests with Few Visitors

In some years, cold waves bring snow, particularly around Shiratani Unsuikyo. With simple spike attachments like rubber crampons, safe walking is possible.

The winter scenery covered in moss is exceptional. Enjoying coffee by a quiet stream in the tranquil forest is a luxurious experience.

Off-Season Savings on Transportation and Accommodation

Flights and accommodations to Yakushima are significantly cheaper in winter compared to the bustling summer high season.

Many low-cost carriers operate flights, making stays in Yakushima more economical compared to peak season rates.

Ideal Season for Insect-Averse Travelers

Winter on Yakushima is ideal for those who dislike insects, as they are scarce during this season. This allows for a comfortable stay amidst the forested landscapes.

These are the seven charms of winter tourism in Yakushima. For recommended tours to enjoy winter in Yakushima, please visit the following links : Yakushima Personal Eco Tour

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